Duet Display for Linux

I've heard from Windows users that Duet Display must be an amazing solution to use your everyday Tablet as a second screen for your Laptop while on the go.

I have experimented with VNC in the past, to create a virtual second screen to my Linux Notebook, then connect to it with a VNC client. It worked, but was complete trash to use, as there was a significant latency on the tablet-display which really made it hard to mark and edit Text for example.

From what i've heared, Duet solved this issue and seems to provide the same experience like a real screen attached via HDMI or USB-C. Sadly it does not support Linux and they don't seem to be interested in doing so in the foreseeable future

a very simple to use solution i have recently found that works on linux is Deskreen. It is only installed on the Host Computer and clients connect via Web-Based interface, so no apps whatsoever are neede. Amazingly the latency it adds to the video stream is quite minimal, considering the web-based client anyway.. it delivers quite usable results with resolutions up to 1080P .. anything above that and the lag gets too big as far as I am concerned. Tested it with my Galaxy S21 Phone as client.

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