Microsoft Teams on Linux

There is an official native Linux client for MS Teams Not anymore! since September 2022 the native client has been discontinued for Linux and Users should now use the web application instead.

To get the maximum of features, you should use either chrome or edge.

simply navigate to and then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your chrome browser (where you also have options such as Print etc.) and click on “install Microsoft Teams”. Now you should be able to start it like a native app.

compared to the linux native client, you will finally have some features that where missig:

  • background images work, but only the microsoft defaults, you can't upload your own
  • singe window sharing works, you no longer need to share your whole screen

there are also things that don't work anymore:

  • you can't open a pop-out chat window, instead you can open your teams PWA app mulitple times if you want to have a chat in parallel to a meeting for example.

use custom image (flimsy)

i stated before, you can't upload your custom image as background.. that's partially true.. while the app does not allow, you can hack your browser to use another image.

you image needs to be somewhere on a server serving it via HTTPS to your client. It does not have to be reachable by anybody else on the internet, but for you it must be reachable via https.

when your teams PWA app is open, focus on it and press CTRL + SHIFT + I to start hte developer tools window. now go the the Application tab, then choose Local Storage → you should see lots of entries. if you don't wait a moment and they should eventually appear.

now search for “” and you should see one entry. If you don't see an entry, start a new conference call and choose any background from the default ones, then try again. if you see the entry, change the value to something like {“effectType”:16,“path”:“”} then press enter.

if you now restart your teams PWA app and you start a video call, you will see a black background, because most probably your webserver will not allow cross-site access to the image with an origin from If you can change your web-servers configuration, you can change it to add the following header, for requests coming for this iamge:


once your webserver has this set, your image will work in teams. If you can't manipulate your server's headers you can work around this issue by installing a browser extension that works around the CORS checks for you. However, the problem is, that this is not a safe setting to have on all the time while surfing the web, and if you use chrome also as your default web-browser, unfortunately when you enable this plugin in your teams PWA it will also be enabled for all your other browsing, so this might be a security issue there.. If you still want to proceed, you can install the extension as follows: Click on the puzzle icon in the upper left corner of your title bar, then choose “extension manager”. Now install the Moseif Origins & CORS changer plug in. now using the same puzzle icon, you should be able to enable it in your teams PWA window.

finally restart teams and you should see your image as background. Don't know for how long that will last though ;) and you will have to repeat this for all your pc's

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