Wine 32bit prefix

most of the time when you run a windows application on linux you probably don't need it to run as a 64bit application. at last when you want to install dotnet 2.0 through winetricks like this

winetricks dotnet20

you will stumble when you run your wine in a 64bit prefix. luckily this can be fixed by creating a 32bit prefix. i prefer to only have a 32bit prefix on my computers as i will only use wine to run some small applications usually to configure some devices and stuff, so i really don't need 64 bit

so first remove your default wine prefix.. be aware, that this will erase your entire wine profile including your installed windows software. it is very likely that you however did not suceed in running anything without dotnet installed, so usually there isn't much to bother at this moment :)

rm -rf ~/.wine

now create a 32 bit prefix as your new default wine prefix:

WINEPREFIX='/home/username/.wine' WINEARCH='win32' wine 'wineboot'

and now enjoy working winetricks :)

there seem to be different dependencies every time i try this on a new computer… here is a history of commands that got it working on a ubuntu 15.04 64bit recently (after adding the wine ppa)

  117  sudo apt-get remove wine
  118  sudo apt-get install wine1.7
  121  sudo synaptic
  122  sudo apt-get install wine-gecko:i386
  126  sudo apt-get install wine-gecko:i386
  127  sudo apt-get install wine-gecko2.36:i386
  128  sudo apt-get install wine-mono:i386
  129  sudo apt-get install wine-mono4.5.6:i386
  135  rm -rf .wine
  136  WINEARCH='win32' wine 'wineboot'
  137  winetricks dotnet20
  138  winetricks dotnet40
  139  wine winecfg
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