Various dimensions of Hardware I often use in 3D printed Projects

This is going to be a collection of various dimensions I often use in my CAD Projects for 3D Printing.. I've spent way too much time looking at old projects to look up what dimensions worked best for screw holes etc., so i finally started to list them here. All measurements are in millimeters unless otherwise stated


Type nominal diameter Diameter with clearance Diameter to screw into Head diameter
Counter sunk Wood Screw 3 3.5 2.5 6
2.5 2.8 2 5
Counter sunk Metal Screw M4 4.3 tbd 8
M3 3.3 tbd 6
M2 2.8 1.7 3.8
Flat Head Metal Screw UNC 4-40 3.0 tbd 5


tight and loose are the circumscribed Polygon radius for a tight fit, where the Nut needs to be pulled in and will stay in, or loose, where it is easy to slied the nut in and out.

Nominal Size tight loose Thickness
M3 2.8 2.9 2.5
M4 3.45 3.6 3
M5 3.95 4.2 (nylock: 5 )
UNC 4-40 2.5 x 1.9
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