Using Thunderbird as Client for Gmail

  1. in your gmail account enable IMAP (that's in settings→forwarding and POP/IMAP)
  2. configure a new imap account in thunderbird with
    1. imap server: (use ssl, port 993)
    2. smtp server: (use ssl, port 465)
    3. username: prefix before or if you use google apps for businesses your whole email address
  1. install lightning addon for calendar access
  2. create a new calendar, choose on the network and CalDAV. in the location field enter:<yourFullEmailAddress>/events
  3. if someone else shared his/her calendar with you, you can add another calendar like above but with this type of url:<theOtherPersonsEmailAddress>/events

    don't ask me how it knows which user and password to use to login, it just seems to work somehow ..

  1. install Google Contacts addon
  2. if it does not automatically detect your gmail account from the email settings add it manually:
    1. in the addons manager find this addon and click on Preferences
    2. add your account(s) and click ok
  3. you may need to restart thunderbird to see the new addressbook
  4. if you have access to other people's addressbooks i.e. through google apps for businesses, it will automatically show your and all shared addressbooks you have access to once you set up your account.
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