Tasmota on Emil Lux Swiss Wifi Power Plug

This is for a wifi capable Power Plug available at obi switzerland. The Emil Lux SKU is 400735, EAN is 4007874007353 and OBI's product number is 5250527, It also says “WFR-3-B” and “P/O: 356091” on the label. The plug is available at Obi Switzerland for around 15.- CHF

I have read in the reviews at OBI that it is possible to flash this device without opening it using Tuyaconvert. I didn't try that but opened it instead.

If you open it to flash it, you will see that it is held together by two screws with a strange head (3 pins around the head) which probably need to be drilled out if you, like me, don't have that special screw driver at hand :) The case will clip together just fine, but i would suggest to add some glue or put some tape around it to hold it together for sure.

Inside the device is a TYWE2S module that is based on an ESP8266 chip, so it's perfect for putting tasmota on it :)

Here is the pinout:

once tasmota is flashed using tasmotizer, go to Configuration –> Configure Other and add this string into the Template field:

{"NAME":"Obi CH Plug","GPIO":[1,1,1,1,320,1,1,1,224,576,32,1,1,1],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

make sure the Apply checkbox is set and save the changes. Now your plug is fully working, the Red LED will flash while the plug is searching for wifi, the blue LED will come on when the Relay is switched on. So no light means connected wifi but output switched off.

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