Keepass and Owncloud

The original Keepass2 client allows you to use webdav as storage backend for the keepass file where all the passwords are stored. however, it seems to be a bit tricky to get https to work with keepass2 under linux (ubuntu in my case).

there are different options which one can try:

  • sync via owncloud client and use the local file
  • use http instead, but that's not recommended if you are accessing your owncloud through the internet
  • disable ssl certificate verification in keepass2 .. better than nothing, but this still allowes man in the middle attacks. certificate verification can be disabled under Options → Advanced → File Input/Output Connections → Accept invalid SSL certificates
  • import mozilla ssl certificates into mono certificate store:
    sudo apt-get install mono-devel
    sudo mozroots --import --sync --machine
    #if you see an error that it could not download the file, copy/paste the url into your webbrowser. it will redirect to a new url, copy/paste that url to the --url option of the command: 
    sudo mozroots --import --sync --machine --url ""

    unfortunately this did not work for me but some stated it worked.. maybe a reload of some sorts is necessary after that..

  • install the ca-certificates-mono package, but this seems to only be availble starting ubuntu 16.04 which i haven't been able to test yet.
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