Install LSI MegaRaid or Intel RAID Web Console on Ubuntu

in order to manage a LSI based raid controllers (most of the currently available controllers are, except for Areca and Adaptec), you need to install the MegaRaid Utility or Intel RAID Web Console (which is exactly the same, just in blue color). even though Intel calls the tool “WEB Console” it has nothing to do with a web application, it's all Java. Unfortuantely, the entire package is only available for RedHat and SuSE based distributions, so there is some tweaking needed to get the Installer to work with ubuntu:

download the latest LSI Megaraid or Intel RAID Web Console (same thing, different colors)

For Intel you can go to and search for “RAID Web Console” and download the latest version.

Install Alien:

apt-get install alien

convert RPM's to DEB

alien --scripts *.rpm

to make the installer script happy, we need to make this system seem like a Redhat system:

touch /etc/redhat-release

(remove this file after the installation is complete, otherwhise other software might think this is a redhat box and do funny things. Touch the file again in order to run the uninstaller in case you want to remove the utility)

Depending on weather you want to just install the server or client component only or if you want to install the full set of utilities, you need to set some environment variables accordingly:

server + client: no need to set any variables
server only: the following variables need to be set:

export setuptype="d"
export upgradesetuptype="n"

client only: the following variables need to be set:

export setuptype="c"
export upgradesetuptype="n"

install deb's (snmp was not tested yet)

dpkg -i lib-utils2*.deb
dpkg -i megaraid*.deb

cleanup as stated above, make sure other installers don't accidently identify this system as a redhat system and do the wrong stuff:

rm /etc/redhat-release

start the vivaldi framework (server comonent only) and make sure it is auto started in the future:

update-rc.d vivaldiframeworkd defaults
service vivaldiframeworkd restart

you might need to reboot the server now, but if you can't, just try the gui works even without a reboot. In order to use the client via x-forwarding, ssh to the server

ssh -Y root@server

and then start the manager gui:

/usr/local/MegaRAID\ Storage\ Manager/ 
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