Digitizing Super8 and Standard8 8mm Films

the target is to make a copy of my old 8mm films so i can trow away the originals. this means, i want to capture every single grain on the film when i digitize it

will post more info when i have successfully digitized my first roll of film :)

a few infos to go:

  • filming from a projection is no good at all. it is simple and maybe acceptable but it is in no way a copy of the original.
  • frame-by-frame is the way to go
  • project onto the ccd chip of a dslr camera and record still images through the hdmi output (don't take a picture of each frame as this will wear out the camera shutter rather quickly ( a few minutes of movie add up to several thousand pictures being taken, 16 frames per second, do the math)
  • for capturing video in full hd from a hdmi source use the Blackmagic intensity pro
  • capture software, possibly Stopmotion
  • optics is a PITA and you need to try yourself. try if you can make it work with the orginial lens.. DO NOT take the original lens apart, you might regret it (like me, luckily i had a second one from another projector which worked just as good ).. try adding lenses rather than removing lenses. good source for lenses: buy used photo camera lens and take them apart :)
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