SkyDemon on Linux (Ubuntu)

this is based on or copied from a Post in the skydemon forums

  1. Install winetricks and wine
    sudo apt-get install winetricks

    (this will also install wine as a dependancy)

  2. even though the above command installed winetricks, replace it with the newest version as download url's might have changed etc:
    sudo wget -O /usr/bin/winetricks
  3. if you are running a 64bit Ubuntu version you must install the 32bit libraries needed to run wine in 32bit mode first:
    cd /tmp/
    sudo chown root:root getlibs
    sudo chmod +x getlibs
    sudo mv -n getlibs /usr/local/bin
    sudo /usr/local/bin/getlibs -p gnome-keyring:i386
    sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ 
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/
  4. if you are running a 64bit Linux, create a wine 32 bit prefix. i had some problems when i created a second prefix with 32bit.. since i don't need a 64 bit prefix anyway, i simply delted my .wine directory first
    rm -rf /home/username/.wine

    , and then recreated a 32bit prefix in .wine. (don't copy/paste, replace username with your user home directory name and use a direcotry other than .wine if .wine still exists and you want to keep your 64bit prefix. the directory must not exist yet!):

    WINEPREFIX='/home/username/.wine' WINEARCH='win32' wine 'wineboot'
  5. run

    and simply click OK when it pops up

  6. run
    winetricks dotnet30sp1

    and follow the instructions (download the dotnet stuff and copy it to the folder they say.

  7. now re-run the command
    winetricks dotnet30sp1

    which will now install dotnet 2.0. it will then ask you to download yet another file and place it in a folder it created for you. do just that and re-run

    winetricks dotnet30sp1
  8. run
    winetricks gdiplus