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temperature humidity and pressure meter to mqtt (bme280)

i wanted to log temperature and humidity values in my sons room as he caughed a lot during the first winter and we had to buy a humidifier. i therefore ordered a BME280 module off Aliexpress for $2.18 (i know, only the best for my kid ;)). The sensor actually mesures both temperature and humidity at a good accuracy and as a “free” bonus it also measures the airpressure.

my plan is to connect it to a wemos D1 mini and then publish the values via mqtt so i can log them in Home Assistant, Node Red, thingboard or somewhere else.

first try was with the OpenMQTTGateway as i had the arduino IDE ready to go and the code configured and compiled from trying to set up an ble_mqtt_gateway which sadly did not work, probably due to a DOA module. however, read that article on setting up the OpenMQTTGateway software for flashing. for the BME280 to work you need to enable the ZsensorBME280 in User_config.h, the rest is identical.

the hardware wiring by default looks like this:

I2C Module NodeMCU / ESP8266
Vcc Vu (5V)
ADD N/C (Not Connected

at least with this sensor it worked right out of the box and reported all sorts of measurements. i could track them using the serial console or via a mqtt client like so:

mosquitto_sub -h -u myuser -P mypass -v -t home/#

i think OpenMQTTGateway is still rough around the edges, it works and all but for example the web interface to configure the device is only available if it can't connect to a wifi and therefore goes into setup mode.. this is not ideal as the mqtt parameters could also be managed in there.

so lets try also

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