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 +===== Docker =====
 +there is also a docker container available. here is a snippet out of a docker-compose config if you want to add mitm to your project to analyze traffic from your apps: 
 +<code yaml>
 +  proxy:
 +    image: mitmproxy/mitmproxy
 +    restart: always
 +    networks: 
 +      - intranet
 +    ports: 
 +      - 8888:8081
 +    command: mitmweb --web-host --ssl-insecure
 +(note the ''--ssl-insecure'' option was only needed when analyzing traffic going to a server with an invalid or self-signed certificate)
 +I have also added the following environment variables to the other containers, but i haven't found any linux utility that reads those yet, so you will probably have to manually configure the specific applications inside your containers for using a proxy. 
 +<code yaml>
 +    environment:
 +      HTTP_PROXY: "http://proxy:8080"
 +      HTTPS_PROXY: "https://proxy:8080"
 +      NO_PROXY: ", localhost"
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