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 fastboot boot Downloads/twrp-3.2.1-1-gemini.img fastboot boot Downloads/twrp-3.2.1-1-gemini.img
 </code> </code>
 +===== install custom rom =====
 +once you got TWRP on your phone you simply need to download the ZIP of your favourite ROM and install it. In case your phone does not boot anymore after the TWRP install, you may try to resurrect it if you delete de davlik cache. if not, you can boot into twrp and then connect your phone to the computer. it will be mounted as a storage device which will allow you to upload the zip of your custom rom. Just flash it and your phone will probably boot again. Allow it some time (10-20 minutes) on the first boot, don't panic when it does not complete the boot process in a 1-2 minutes as usual. 
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