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Install custom ROM's on Xiaomi Mi5

I use the Xiaomi Mi5 for about one and a half years now and i am still very happy with the phone. There is one thing i miss after moving from my Google Nexus P6 to the Xiaomi however: being up to date with the latest Android version and features. Even now, that Android 8 has been released to the greater public and is on most new phones, my Mi5 still did not get an update and i would really love to have the PiP feature on my phone too. One option to resolve this issue is to install a custom rom as there are plenty for the Xiaomi lineup available. I will try to cover everything that is necessary to root and then flash my phone in this article.

NOT DONE YET ←- as long as you see this in here, I haven't completed my flash process yet, so be patient and check back later or figure it out yourself and let me know :)

i have found this tutorial which looks helpful and i am planning to probably install the PixelExperience rom. there are two concerns i have: i need to be able to keep the dual-sim capability of the phone intact as i do indeed use two sim cards and i would really miss the mi-remote universal IR remote. allthough i use it rarely, i always enjoy when i do so :)

Like most other manufacturers, Xiaomi ships their phones with a locked bootloader. But unlike others, they allow you - upon request - to unlock it. You need to use their Xiaomi unlock tool to do so

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