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 +====== ubuntu: transfer url or text to cellphone throug qrcode ======
 +let's say you find something while browsing on your computer and you want to download that file or enter that text into your cellphone but the link is way to long to type it on that tiny onscreen keyboard.. here's an easy way to do that. with this solution, you will simply mark the url you want to copy to your phone and hit ctrl+alt+q and then scan the qrcode on your phone: ​
 +first make sure you have all the necessary tools installed.. ​
 +  sudo apt-get install xdotool qrencode xclip imagemagick
 +now create a script called "​genqrcode.sh"​ in your home folder with these contents: ​
 +xdotool key "​ctrl+c"​
 +qrencode -o - "​`xclip -o`" | display
 +make it executable ​
 +  chmod +x genqrcode.sh
 +now go to your system settings -> keyboard and there in the hotkeys tab add a new hotkey for gencode.sh .. i chose ctrl+alt+q ​
 +now you can highlight any url (or any text for that matter) and hit ctr+alt+q and a qrcode will show up which you can then scan from your phone to transfer the highlighted text to your phone.. ​