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 of course i've also trimmed the bracket :)  of course i've also trimmed the bracket :) 
 +===== e1 heating failed =====
 +This message is shown when Marlin gets unexpected temperature readings during the heating of the extruder. It expects a certain increase in temperature when it adds a certain amount of power to the heating element. if expected and measured values differ too much, Marlin aborts. 
 +If you see this message it is most likely due to one of the following two: 
 +1.) the heating element has come loose. Try if it still sits tightly in the holder. otherwise re-tighten it and try again
 +2.) a PID re-tune is necessary. See all the details about it on the [[https://reprap.org/wiki/PID_Tuning|PID Tuning Page in the Reprap wiki]]. To keep it short, here are the GCODE commands to execute on your Marlin powered printer: 
 +  M303 E0 S200 C8
 +this will run **8 heat cycles** on extruder **E0** at **200°C** and measure how the heating element reacts to the power inputs given
 +it will then sohow a final result giving you a **Kp, Ki and Kd** value which you should put in your configuration.h file. If you have EEPROM enabled, you can simply set the parameters via GCODE and save them. Here is an example for the following values: 
 +Kp: 19.56
 +Ki: 0.71
 +Kd: 134.26
 +and this is the GCODE to save it to the printer: 
 +  M301 P19.56 I0.71 D134.26 
 +and now save it 
 +  M500 
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