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 ===== Autologin to console ===== ===== Autologin to console =====
-in ''​/​lib/​systemd/​system/​getty@.service''​ find the line:  +find the original command to see how terminals are started:  
-  ExecStart=-/​sbin/​agetty --noclear %I $TERM +  grep ExecStart ​/​lib/​systemd/​system/​getty@.service 
-and change it to:  +the output is something like  
-  ExecStart=-/​sbin/​agetty --autologin ​username ​--noclear %I $TERM+  ExecStart=-/​sbin/​agetty ​-o '-p -- \\u' ​--noclear %I $TERM 
 +edit getty@1.service for the first tty 
 +  systemctl edit getty@tty1 
 +now write the following lines:  
 +  [Service] 
 +  ExecStart= 
 +  ExecStart=-/​sbin/​agetty --autologin ​myuser ​--noclear %I $TERM 
 +where ''​myuser''​ should be replaced with the username of the user that should be logged in. removing the ''​-o '-p -- \\u' ''​ removes the password prompt. if you leave this in the user will be automatically selected but you still need to enter the password to continue. ​
 ===== Autostart some scripts upon every login ===== ===== Autostart some scripts upon every login =====