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 +====== sync gmail contacts, calendar and mail through mail for exchange ======
 +to sync your gmail account with a symbian phone or with an iphone you can use googles mail for exchange interface. ​
 +on symbian phones you need to install mail for exchange from the OVI store and then configure it. 
 +the settings are: 
 +exchange server: m.google.com
 +secure connection: yes
 +use standard ports: yes
 +username: youruser@gmail.com
 +password: yourpassword
 +domain: none
 +if you get an error message that says "your account does not have permission to sync with current settings"​ then you need to disable both POP and IMAP access to your gmail account.. to do so login to you gmamil account, go to settings, Forwarding and POP / IMAP and disable both POP and IMAP. after saving these chanes your sync should work