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 +====== sync gmail contacts, calendar and mail through mail for exchange ======
 +to sync your gmail account with a symbian phone or with an iphone you can use googles mail for exchange interface. 
 +on symbian phones you need to install mail for exchange from the OVI store and then configure it. 
 +the settings are: 
 +exchange server:
 +secure connection: yes
 +use standard ports: yes
 +password: yourpassword
 +domain: none
 +if you get an error message that says "your account does not have permission to sync with current settings" then you need to disable both POP and IMAP access to your gmail account.. to do so login to you gmamil account, go to settings, Forwarding and POP / IMAP and disable both POP and IMAP. after saving these chanes your sync should work
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