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 +====== Lycamobile in Switzerland ======
 +Lycamobile is a swiss mobile phone provider. they re-sell pre-payed plans on the swisscom network and therefore provide a very good coverage. 
 +calls within switzerland are ridiculously expensive, but calling a foreign company is very heap. 
 +another thing that is also very cheaply available from them is a 1GB/month internet package for only around 14.- Swiss Franks per month. they don't provide the full speed of the swisscom network, but if you are in a remote area and the main goal is to have any connection at all, they are proably quite a good choice for that. 
 +on my HTC Wildfire S phone, activation of the datapackage was not so simple.. first i received a message that i will receive the APN settings son and that i shold accept them, but the settings never popped up. so i had to enter those settings manually: 
 +user: lmch
 +pass: plus
 +secondly i could not activate the package with their code tahat they had active to do so.. the reason being, after entering the code a question popped up and asked for another code, only i didn't have anotehr code.. it turned out that in the second field i should just enter "1" to complete the allowance procedure for the activation. so just enter 1 and hit ok :) 
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