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-====== JR-TM05S Water Supply Timer ====== 
-I recently bought a wifi enabled water supply timer [[https://​www.banggood.com/​Wifi-Controller-Garden-Water-Timers-Intelligent-Phone-Remote-Control-Irrigation-Timer-p-1628955.html?​rmmds=myorder&​ID=514833&​cur_warehouse=CN|JR-TM05S on Banggood]]. i hoped that this device would be ESP8266 based so that icould run tasmota on it and integrate it into my smarthome via MQTT.. ​ 
-I was lucky, it is based on ESP8285 which is 100% compatible with ESP8266 but has more memory! the necessary 4 pins are even routed to some contacts where you just need to plug-in a pin-header and solder it down, to comfortably program the device! the only slightly annoying part is, that the unit is covered in silicone to waterproof it. i think they have done a good job at that.. but we have to peel it off to get to the pin headers. ​ 
-{{ ::​esp:​jr-tm05s.png?​nolink&​600 |}} 
-luckily the only button on the board is connected to GPIO0 which makes it also the flash-mode switch :) 
-so to prepare the unit, remove the big front-cover sticker and unscre the four screws in the corner, this will split open the case 
-{{ ::​esp:​jr-tm05s_1.png?​direct&​400 |}} 
-now remove the board by carefully cutting away some of the white silicone from the back and also remove the silicone where the pi header next to the button is 
-{{ ::​esp:​jr-tm05s_2.png?​direct&​400 |}} 
-Pin header next to the button is used to re-program. the pinout is as follows (from pin closest to the outside edge of the board towards the inside of the board): ​ 
-1.) GND 
-2.) TX 
-3.) RX 
-4.) 3.3V 
-connect those 4 to a programmer, no additional power supply is needed ​ 
-press the button on the device while you plug-in the usb programmer, this will start the programming mode 
-install ''​esptool.py''​ 
-  pip3 install esptool ​ 
-make a {{ ::​esp:​jr-tm05s.zip |backup of original firmware}} ​ 
-  esptool.py -p /​dev/​ttyUSB0 read_flash 0x00000 0x100000 JR-TM05S.bin 
-re-start programming mode and erase the flash  
-  esptool.py -p /​dev/​ttyUSB0 erase_flash 
-re-start the programming mode again and flash the tasmota binary from the latest release 
-  esptool.py -p /​dev/​ttyUSB0 write_flash -fs 1MB -fm dout 0x0 ../​Downloads/​tasmota.bin ​ 
-unplug and power back on using the power cable that came with the unit, take your cellphone and connect to the tasmotaxyz wifi to configure tasmota 
-open a web browser and enter http://​ 
-and there you go.. even the gpio pre-config seems to work right away, the button still opens and closes the valve and the toggle button on the web interface does the same :)