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   - unzip on your ubuntu machine ​   - unzip on your ubuntu machine ​
   - cd to the extracted directory ​   - cd to the extracted directory ​
-  - run the following ​as root: <​code>​apt install alien+  - run whatever commands you see here as root, or add sudo if you really like typing ​:
 +  - <​code>​apt install alien
 alien --scripts *.rpm alien --scripts *.rpm
 dpkg -i *.deb dpkg -i *.deb
 mkdir -p /​usr/​local/​var mkdir -p /​usr/​local/​var
 ln -s /var/log /​usr/​local/​var/​log ln -s /var/log /​usr/​local/​var/​log
-sed -e '​s/#​!\/​bin\/​sh/#​!\/​bin\/​bash/'​ RunRPM.sh | sed -e '​s/​install_rpms//'​ > RunDEB.sh+sed -e '​s/#​!\/​bin\/​sh/#​!\/​bin\/​bash/'​ RunRPM.sh | sed -e '​s/​install_rpms$//' > RunDEB.sh
 chmod 755 RunDEB.sh chmod 755 RunDEB.sh
 echo "​standalone"​ > /​opt/​lsi/​LSIStorageAuthority/​installtype echo "​standalone"​ > /​opt/​lsi/​LSIStorageAuthority/​installtype