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 +====== How I 3d Print - Slicer settings ======
 +this is ment to be more some kind of a collection of settings that have worked for me in the past. I use this because i don't use my 3d printer on a daily basis but instead have rather long pauses between usage periods. So I tend to forget what worked the last time and then have to start from scratch again: ​
 +All the settings below are for printing on a Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer using Simplify 3d as my slicer software. I will note the changes from the defaults in Simplify 3d. 
 +===== Printbed setup =====
 +I have put a 21x21cm sized piece of glass (actually cut out of some scrap of a spy mirror) on top of the heated bed and spray just  a little bit of hairspray on top of it to make it matte, this seems to help adhesion well enough and can be cleaned off with some water. ​
 +===== PLA =====
 +  * Extruder - Retraction: 3mm (1 is default but leads to "​hairy"​ prints
 +  * Support: 10% infill with 4mm offset worked fine for a 1.5x6.5cm area.
 +  * Temperature:​ Heated bed: Layer 1-3 @ 50°C, 4+ @ 60°C, Extruder: 190°C
 +  * Cooling - Fan Speeds: Layer 1-2 @ 0%, 3-9 @ 60%, 10+ @ 100% --> this was to prevent warping of the print, combined with the first cold then warmer bed.