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 +====== Mount Harddisks by Label in Linux ======
 +I used to [[harddisks_by_uuid_in_debian_lenny|mount Harddisks by UUID]] but this requires you to update your fstab when you copy your system to a new partition that does not have the same uuid anymore. so i eventually changed to using labels.
 +one big advantage of labels is also, that, since you can set them yourself, your fstab becomes more readable and you can simply do it all wihtout any copy/paste or taking notes as one can remember a label like "​system"​ or "​backup"​ easily, compared to those UUID'​s. ​
 +so all you do is creat a partition and then assign a label to it. 
 +for ext file systems that can be done with e2label: ​
 +  e2label /dev/sda1 backups
 +will create a label "​backups"​ for your /dev/sda1 partition ​
 +now you can use it in fstab like so: 
 +  LABEL=backups /backups ext4 defaults 0 0
 +it's as easy as that :)