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 +====== FHEM with CUL ======
 +[[http://www.fhem.de|FHEM]] is a cool software utility with a web-based GUI that is used in conjunction with different hardware devices to control amongst others FS20 and HomeMatic devices. 
 +[[http://www.busware.de/tiki-index.php?page=CUL|CUL]] is a little USB stick that runs an opensource firmware. It can be used to control the above devices through the air. 
 +===== First time Use - Flash the Firmware =====
 +  * download the latest version of [[http://culfw.de|culfw]] and unpack it
 +  * <code>cd culfw/Devices/CUL</code>
 +  * <code>apt-get install dfu-programmer</code>
 +  * <code>make usbprogram_v3</code>(depends on your hardware version which is visible on the stick)
 +  * after flashing the green led should blink 
 +===== Using it with FHEM =====
 +  * start fhem 
 +  * run the command <code>define CUL1 CUL /dev/ttyACM0@9600 1234</code> in fhem 
 +  * to pair an actor, define a new actor in fhem <code>define myActor FS20 12341234 0012</code> set the actor to the learning mode (by long-pressing the button) and send a on/off command through the webinterface to this actor. 
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