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 luckily postfix provides smtp_generic_maps that do just that:  luckily postfix provides smtp_generic_maps that do just that: 
 +edit ''/​etc/​postfix/​main.cf''​ and add this line: 
 +  smtp_generic_maps = hash:/​etc/​postfix/​generic
 +save and close and now open ''/​etc/​postfix/​generic''​
 +now to change the from header for root@myhost.mydomain.local to info@mypublicdomain.com enter a line like this to that file: 
 +  root@myhost.mydomain.local info@mypublicdomain.com
 +once again, save and close
 +now create the table using postmap: ​
 +  postmap /​etc/​postfix/​generic
 +and finally, restart postfix
 +  /​etc/​init.d/​postfix restart