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 +====== Change the default download action in firefox to gnome-open ======
 +when a file is downloaded off the internet, most of the time the webserver announces it as an unknown binary file to be downloaded by passing the Content-Type header for "​application/​octet-stream"​. Unfortunately,​ firefox does not cope with that very well as it fails to manage how such "​unknown"​ files are opened. On most of my Xubuntu installs it simply opens it with gedit which is of course pretty annoying if you donwload a 250MB Zip file for instance. ​
 +instead it would be much nicer to have it open these files with gnome-open since this is the program that determins how a file is opened when you double click it in gnome. In other words, once you tell firefox to open octetstream files with gnome-open you will only have to choose in one place how to open a zip or a pdf and it will be opened the same way in your os or from your browser. sounds good doesn'​t it? :) 
 +so here is how to achieve that: 
 +===== Perpare a .desktop file for gnome-open =====
 +check your ~/​.local/​share/​applications/​ and see if you have a .desktop file for gnome-open already. maybe use grep for that purpose: ​
 +  grep gnome-open ~/​.local/​share/​applications/​* ​
 +if you don't find a .desktop file, create one (like gnome-open.desktop) in that folder with the following content: ​
 +[Desktop Entry]
 +Exec=gnome-open %f
 +Comment=Custom definition for gnome-open
 +===== set the default app for application-octetstream =====
 +unfortunately firefox doesn'​t provide a nice gui solution to set the default application for an octet stream, so you need to edit a file in your home directory to do that: 
 +  nano ~/​.local/​share/​applications/​mimeapps.list
 +now search for 
 +  application/​octet-stream
 +and set it to gnome-open.desktop like this: 
 +  application/​octet-stream=gnome-open.desktop
 +do this for all occurrences of octet-stream and if you don't find any, add it under the ''​[Added Associations]''​ section ​